Sound of Love
Bear, can you let me know what would you like to have here?
".. a long, long time ago, a small and rather round 'bear cub' was handed a simple metal triangle to play to the rest of the class. But, as the primary school teacher promptly snatched the instrument away, I was left feeling I had somehow messed it all up and I was not at all musical.
Many years later, after finishing school, I became a London police officer and afterwards specialised as a murder squad detective. The murder squad was a particularly challenging time, dealing with the grieving, some unsavoury clients and emotionally charged situations. 
Whilst engaged in the murder enquiry team, I met an amazing 'angel' called Roger who helped me begin to change my perception of the world and I discovered through his teaching the awesome creative power of our minds. Roger showed me how it was possible to change the outer world, by first making that change within, to see how the outer world always reflects our inner consciousness.

Around 2001, I began playing the Aboriginal didgeridoo, and within a few more years I was playing gongs, singing bowls and Native American flute in the context of something I came to call 'sound journeys,' or 'sound meditations.' 
The sound journey was a real eureka moment where I felt I had suddenly found a way I could truly help all my brothers and sisters!

 In a sound journey, rather than watching a performance from the inside out, participants were encouraged to close their eyes and look within as they listen to the improvised, full spectrum sounds, watching feelings, observing emotions, watching the Watcher which leads one on the journey to encounter our peaceful Self; the Spark within. 
Many reported a deep sense of relaxation, a lightness of being, and in the letting go of the past, some quite miraculous healings ensued..... I felt at last I had found a way to help my brothers and sisters in a really beautiful way.
Then, in 2011, I had a profound waking dream of playing a huge gong. Knowing that such dreams can be guiding inspirations, I made some enquiries and discovered that a factory in Germany had the world's largest custom production gong for sale and so I arranged a visit.

On arrival I found there was not one but two of these huge 2m diameter custom production symphonic gongs hanging in anticipation. But, one stood invitingly out, gleaming golden all over. The staff informed me that the Giant Golden Gong had been in their basement for some 20 years and yet no one knew who had actually made it. 

So, following an inner sense, I sold my lovely VW camper van and bought this giant golden gong and installed it in a lock up in Stratford, east London. I explored playing it by drawing different rubber balls on sticks across it's metallic surface, eliciting the sounds of dolphins, wales, nature, the celestial, the cosmic and the unknown..... 
At this time, I was organising Indigenous Australian and world didgeridoo events around London, and I met a wonderful Czech didgeridoo player called Ondrej Smeykal who suggested i bring the huge gong on tour with him.   

This was five years ago, and now we have also been joined by Andrew Begay, an amazing Navajo flute maker and flute player from Arizona, the three of us now tour together sharing these healing sound journeys. 
In the modern electronic world of compressed sound and MP3s, we are not at all accustomed to experiencing the gentle, full spectrum of sound, which vibrates and massages your internal organs, as you stand eyes closed behind the world's largest symphonic gong.... it is literally beyond words, quietening the mind and transporting you somewhere else, to an inner sacred place, somewhere peaceful and beautiful....."